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Joseph Dunn
Former state Sen. Joe Dunn
is taking over as the State Bar's new executive director, bringing with him an extensive resume as an attorney, politician and head of a large professional advocacy organization. His mantra: Public protection is paramount.
MCLE Self-Assessment Test
Does your last name start with the letters N through Z? You're up next for MCLE compliance. Take this month's test and earn one hour of credit in legal ethics.
What should you do when you make a mistake? California Joan explains how to remedy inexcusable neglect and common mistakes. Read OOPS! LAWYER MISTAKES AND REMEDIAL ACTION.
Bill Hebert
Bar President Bill Hebert asks for donations to the Justice Gap Fund. If every California lawyer contributes $100, it would generate more than $22 million to fund legal services throughout the state.
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  • Tani Cantil-SakauyeAs Tani Cantil-Sakauye prepares to take the top job in California's judiciary, she lists four key initiatives, but says funding for court operations will be the thorniest problem in the immediate future. After two years on the Judicial Council, the chief justice-elect has a good handle on her administrative duties but says she'll move more cautiously — for awhile — when it comes to the Supreme Court's legal work .
    Bills for State Bar membership fees will be mailed Dec. 1. The payment deadline, as well as the MCLE compliance deadline for attorneys whose last names start with N through Z, is Feb. 1.
    The State Bar is seeking applicants for more than two dozen committees, boards and commissions.
    The pass rate for the July bar exam dropped for the second year, to 54.8 percent.
    The board of governors adopted amendments to four rules governing the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation and will seek legislation to add a new rating for judge candidates: “not qualified at this time.”
    Ethics expert Diane Karpman discusses two recent cases involving arbitrators that raise disclosure concepts.
    A Los Angeles lawyer who represented a client who tangled with Rue McClanahan, the late Golden Girls star, in ‘contentious and acrimonious’ litigation was disbarred.

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