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Successful Succession:
Keep Your Best Clients When Boomer Lawyers Leave

Roy GinsburgThe demographic phenomenon known as the baby boom has been shaping all aspects of American life since its advent in 1946 – from an unprecedented number of students when the boomers were young, to an unprecedented number of workers during their adult years, to an unprecedented number of retirees in the years ahead. There is no escaping the impact of this generation.

New IRS Section 6050W
What is it, and How it Affects Attorneys

It is estimated there are over 10,000 credit card transactions made every second around the world. This astonishing number results in over $7.5 trillion in credit card payments per year (American Bankers Association). If you are one of the lucky businesses processing these transactions, congratulations, you are now subject to the newest IRS requirement – Section 6050W.

Disqualification: Square Pegs and Round Holes
By Diane Karpman

Diane KarpmanThere is a recent disqualification case involving so many family entanglements that just sorting them out is a significant mental strain. In Kennedy v. Eldridge, link, an attorney was justifiably disqualified from representing his adult son in a custody and support action regarding the attorney’s grandson, by the child’s mother.

Is There Life After Death?
The Rise of the High-Tech Family

Birth after the death of a biologic parent has long been regarded as a life-cycle enigma, blending equal parts tragedy and joy. Historically, postmortem deliveries were reserved for women whose husbands or partners died during the pregnancy, leaving no mystery as to the child’s legal status.

Bar Journal gets new editor

Laura ErndeJoining the State Bar this month is Laura Ernde, the new editor of the Bar Journal and communications manager. She comes to the Bar Journal after nearly six years as a staff writer with the Daily Journal, where her assignments included the Supreme Court of California. She brings some 22 years of journalism experience.

Happenings April 2012

The Riverside County Bar Association is hosting a leadership summit in May to establish a forum for the legal profession, including those in public agencies and the judiciary. The goal is to discuss topics that affect the practice of law and the administration of justice in Riverside County.

Disbarment recommended for six-figure misappropriation

A Carlsbad attorney faces disbarment after a State Bar Court review panel upheld a hearing judge’s findings that she misappropriated more than $112,000 from two clients. The three-judge panel’s recommendation that PATRICIA ANN GREGORY [#226239], 62, be disbarred goes to the Supreme Court for action.