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Trials Digest

Trials Digest Chart

Unfair Competition

Verdict: $22,000,000

A guaranteed buyback plan developer alleged unfair competition and business practices against Best Buy after he supplied confidential information regarding his strategies, which the company misused to implement a virtually identical buyback plan (TechFoward Inc. v. Best Buy Co. Inc., Central District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Derek Milosavljevic).

Permanent Paralysis

Verdict: $5,725,000

An unarmed man was permanently paralyzed when LAPD officers discharged their weapons and used excessive force after they thought he was armed (Contreras v. City of Los Angeles, Central District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Dale K. Galipo).

Securities Fraud

Settlement: $10,000,000

A Board of Directors’ chairman was accused of securities fraud after he failed to disclose the sale of shares in his company to his shell company and pressured a colleague into a stock purchase agreement (Stork v. Textor, Central District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Miles J. Feldman).

Wall Collapse

Verdict: Defense

A tenant claimed mild brain injury and the need for surgery to his neck, back, shoulder and knee when a wall in defendant’s building allegedly fell on him (Redd v. Scott, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Mark A. Weinstein and John Tasker).

Economic Loss

Settlement: $1,865,000

A man suffered neck and back injuries and also aggravating varicosities in his leg, thereby impairing his career as a dentist, when a 16-year-old who was speeding rear ended him (Goodman v. Marcil, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Tom Stolpman).


Settlement: $1,114,999

A motorcycle rider suffered permanent catastrophic neurological damages, a coma and must remain in 24/7 attendant care indefinitely after she was thrown from her motorcycle when another driver ran a stop sign (Kochanski v. City of Colton, San Bernardino County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Richard C. Bennett).

Insurance Fraud

Decision: $7,010,669

A chiropractor committed fraud when he engaged in preparing and generating false and fraudulent medical documentation to support personal injury claims submitted to insurance companies (People of the State of California v. Dahan, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Thomas E. Fraysse and R. Patrick Snook).

Swallowed Toothpick

Verdict: Defense

A man alleged negligence after he claimed he unknowingly swallowed a 2 ½-inch toothpick while eating a hamburger, resulting in serious abdomen pain (Siraj v. Jerry’s Famous Deli, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Steven L. Rodriguez).

Crushed Foot

Verdict: $2,988,481

A woman alleged premises liability against her landlord after he failed to remove a rotting, disease-stricken tree, which ultimately fell and struck her, resulting in a crushed foot and macerated knee (Buelna v. Hill, San Bernardino County Superior County, Plaintiff’s attorney: Mark S. Algorri).

Bicycle Death

Verdict: $3,500,000

A bicyclist was killed when a man towing a utility trailer on a tractor made a left turn and stuck the bicyclist with the side of the truck and subsequently run over by its back wheels (Medina v. Pile Trucking Inc., Central District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorneys: Arash Homampour)

Excessive Speeding

Settlement: $3,200,000

A woman suffered traumatic brain injuries and numerous facial fractures when she was ejected from her truck after her vehicle was broadsided by sheriff’s deputies allegedly driving 95 mph without emergency lights flashing or sirens sounding (Tellez v. Meixner, Ventura County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorneys: Brian Panish)

Spectator Fall

Settlement: $375,000

A man alleged premises liability and failure to insert handrails after he fell on retractable bleachers, resulting in bilateral patellar tendon ruptures with surgical repairs (Elston v. Hope International University, Orange County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Casey R. Johnson).

Torn ACL

Verdict: $443,371

A man test riding a new bicycle alleged negligence and products liability when the rear wheel shifted forward, causing the chain to derail, causing him to slam his leg to the ground, resulting in a torn ACL, torn meniscus and the need for a knee replacement (Edwards v. Hands on Bicycles Inc., Los Angeles Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Robert R. Clayton).

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