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Trials Digest
Trials Digest Chart


Pedestrian Struck

Settlement: $10,500,000

Liquid nitrogen commercial truck driver struck pedestrian; dispute over where plaintiff entered the crosswalk/intersection (Shea v. Matheson Tri-Gas Inc., Alameda County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Thomas J. Brandi, Brian J. Malloy).

Facial Paralysis

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiff alleged defendant doctor cut off the main trunk of plaintiff's facial nerve; defendant contended it was an incredibly rare complication of surgery (Castro v. Vartivarian, Los Angeles County Superior Court, defense attorney:  Kent T. Brandmeyer).

Married Couple Killed

Settlement: $7,000,000

Married couple killed; defendant contended plaintiffs could not recover for the death of their step-father but plaintiffs claimed special exception applied (Dabel v. Park Place Constructors Inc., Napa County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Roger A. Dreyer, Robert B. Bale).

Eye Injuries

Settlement: $175,000

Teen suffered eye injuries after accidental discharge of air rifle by another minor (G.W. v. Hoberg, Riverside County Superior Court, plaintiff attorney:  Michael A. Penn).

Wrongful Conviction

Settlement: $8,300,000

Plaintiff reportedly suffered extreme mental anguish and a violation of his civil rights when he was wrongfully investigated, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for 17 years for first-degree murder (Anthony v. City of Los Angeles, Central District Federal Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Marilyn E. Bednarski, David S. McLane, Kevin J. LaHue).

Failure to Defend

Verdict: $8,100,000

Insurer, of commercial general liability insurance policy, failed to defend religious organization at trial where a volunteer sued for injuries he sustained in Mexico while building a church (Amor Ministries v. Century Surety Company, Southern District Federal Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Craig A. Miller, Patrick Calhoon, Larry Crown).

Lack of Guardrail

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiffs alleged there was a dangerous condition of public property due to the lack of guardrail where decedent's car plummeted (Kariminasyan v. State of California, Los Angeles County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  Janine R. Fowler, Paul R. Brown).

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Verdict: Defense

Patient claimed complex regional pain syndrome resulted from doctor's failure to diagnose wrist fracture (Kluey v. Eastlack, San Diego County Superior Court, defense attorney:  Robert A. Cosgrove).

Leg Amputation

Settlement: $10,250,000

Driver ran red light and struck motorcyclist in intersection causing leg injuries and ultimately a leg amputation (Von Normann v. Bloom, Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorney:  Nicholas C. Rowley).


Settlement: $3,100,000

Defendants contended paralyzed plaintiff's claims for a life care plan were exaggerated because he was a professional gambler making seven figures annually post-injury (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorney:  Otto L. Haselhoff).


Double Leg Amputation

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiff contended defendant Hyundai was negligent for designing and manufacturing a pedal configuration that increased the likelihood of unintended acceleration (Hussey vs. Hyundai Motor America, Massachusetts – Bristol County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  Nelson G. Apjohn, Rebecca H. Gallup, Thomas N. Vanderford Jr.).


Verdict: $2,200,000

Plaintiff reportedly suffered T4 ASIA A paraplegia following negligent treatment provided by emergency physician defendant, attending physician defendant, and radiologist defendant (Anthony v. Lewis, Chesar, Etzel, Pennsylvania – Crawford County Court of Common Pleas, plaintiff attorneys:  Harry S. Cohen, Todd David Bowlus).