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Trials Digest
Trials Digest Chart

Medical Malpractice

Arbitration: $874,965

A 34-year-old wife and mother of three died from Oxycodone and opioid toxicity as a result of dramatic increases in dosage to her prescription by her primary physician (Gregory v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc., Riverside County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Jerrie S. Weiss).

Bad Faith

Arbitration: $3,696,414

A food manufacturer and distributor that sustained a fire destroying its inventory and equipment alleged its insurer failed to pay cash value immediately, resulting in the disruption  of operation and impacting client relations (Mave Enterprises Inc. v. Travelers Indemnity Company of Connecticut, Los Angeles Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: William M. Shernoff).


Verdict: $1,164,130

A physician sued for breach of contract filed a cross-complaint for breach of contract, negligence, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing and misrepresentation, and prevailed (MedITResources LLC v. Hirose, Orange County Superior Court, Cross-Complainant's attorney: Steven J. Cologne).

Negligent Hiring & Supervision

Settlement: $1,500,000

An ex-con hired to deliver propane was involved in a police chase and shootout that caused multiple injuries to two civilians and a police officer when he crashed his vehicle while attempting to flee (Fitch v. AAA Propane Service Inc., Ventura County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorneys: Rahul Ravipudi and Robert Glassman).

Intersection Collision

Settlement: $500,000

A man in his car was forced into a concrete wall and violently thrown inside his vehicle, knocking him unconscious, when a man made an unsafe left turn into an intersection (Karapetian v. Mathie, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Wayne McClean).

Premises Liability

Verdict: Defense

A man who was shot in his upper torso by a minor in a house they were both visiting alleged that defendants failed to exercise ordinary care in the management of their property (Tapia v. Villalobos, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Terence P. Carney).

Wrongful Death

Verdict: $4,000,000

A driver slammed into a utility pole after hydroplaning after she encountered a flooded area of the road, resulting in her death (Schultz v. County of San Diego, San Diego County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Roger E. Booth).

Construction Accident

Verdict: $9,320,892

An unlicensed contractor hired to perform work that required a contractor’s license fell from negligently maintained scaffolding and suffered major head trauma and a fractured spine (Cedillo v. Sobol, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney:  Robert T. Simon).

Surgery Results in Blindness

Verdict: $1,450,000

An operation on a man for severe nosebleeds resulted in permanent blindness in one eye (Rashidi v. Moser, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Ilana Doust).

Environmental Violations

Settlement: $13,750,000

The State of California brought suit against a pharmacy for violations of the Health and Safety Code for stocking, storing, and selling hazardous materials at its facilities (People of the State of California v. CVS Pharmacy Inc., Ventura County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Gregory D. Totten).

Retaliatory Termination

Verdict: $5,500,000

A woman perceived to be associated in a suit against her employer alleging FEHA violations was harassed and ultimately terminated in retaliation (Brim v. International Union of Operating Engineers, Local No. 501, AFL-CIO, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Lee R. Feldman).  

Multiple Car Collision

Verdict: $9,348,022

Massive injuries, including cognitive deficits and vertigo, ensued when a driver negligently rear-ended a vehicle causing a six-vehicle-chain-reaction collision (Lutz v. Hussmann Corporation, Fresno County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Rene Turner Sample and David R Lira).

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