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MCLE Self-Assessment Test

Dues bills mailed Dec. 1

The bills for the 2011 State Bar dues were to be mailed to members Dec. 1; the deadline for payment is Feb. 1. The fee for active lawyers is $410 and includes $315 as the annual fee, $40 for the Client Security Fund, $25 for disciplinary activities, $10 for the Lawyer Assistance Program, $10 for a building fund and $10 for technology upgrades.

Inactive members will owe $125, an amount that includes $75 for the general fund, $10 for both the Client Security Fund and the building fund, $25 for discipline and $5 for the LAP. Annual membership fees are waived for inactive lawyers who are 70 years of age on Feb. 1.

Those lawyers whose last names start with N-to-Z (Group 3) also have a Feb. 1 due date to report completion of 25 hours of MCLE.

Failure to pay dues by the deadline will trigger a $100 late payment penalty for active lawyers and a $30 penalty for inactive attorneys Feb. 2.

Lawyers also will have the opportunity to donate to the Justice Gap Fund (recommended donation $100), the California Bar Foundation ($50 recommended donation), the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA — $35 recommended donation) and the California Supreme Court Historical Society (CSCHS — a $25 donation is recommended).

Active lawyers with qualifying income levels are eligible for a 25 percent reduction in the membership fee. To qualify, a lawyer must declare a total gross annual individual income from all sources of less than $40,000 in 2010.

Dues can be paid and MCLE compliance can be reported online by logging on to My State Bar Profile.