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MCLE Self-Assessment Test

Take the State Bar survey

The State Bar is conducting an online survey of California attorneys to update demographic information about bar membership. The survey will also examine the size and areas of members’ legal practices and determine what State Bar resources and services lawyers find most valuable or desired.

The survey was sent to a random sampling of members on Nov. 30, with a submission deadline of Dec. 9. It is also posted online at http// Any attorney who visits the State Bar website is invited to participate.

Conducted by Hertz Research, the survey results will be analyzed and compared to results from demographic surveys performed in 2001 and 2006. As the demographic makeup of the State Bar evolves, “the Board of Governors is committed both to determining a precise profile of our membership and to providing services and benefits California lawyers find most valuable,” wrote bar President Jon Streeter in an email message, sent to the selected group, encouraging lawyers to respond to the questionnaire.

The survey asks questions not only about demographic information – age, area of practice, hours worked per week and income – but also seeks information about the kinds of technology and social media lawyers use, attitudes towards substance abuse in the profession and MCLE, and whether bar services are utilized. It also asks participants to suggest possible improvements.

Prior surveys have shown a somewhat more diversified profession, an increasing number of lawyers who are over 54, some gains in income and partnership for women, more lawyers working as sole practitioners and a greater divide on the economic spectrum. The impact of the current economic downturn may surface in this year’s survey.

The 2006 survey also found that most bar members don’t use or have little knowledge about State Bar-sponsored corporate discount programs and other benefits offered by the bar, but a substantial number said they would be interested in such programs once made aware of them.

Complete results will be published in the January California Bar Journal.