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MCLE Self-Assessment Test

Board of Trustees approves competency skills training requirements

The Board of Trustees of the State Bar of California last month adopted new training requirements focused on ensuring competency and professionalism for admission to practice law in California.

The requirements call for:

  • 15 units of practice-based experiential training during law school, with an apprenticeship option
  • 50 hours of pro bono or reduced-fee legal services
  • 10 hours of additional competency training MCLE (minimum continuing legal education) in the first year following admission

The plan requires rule changes that must be approved by the California Supreme Court and the California Legislature in order to take effect. If those are adopted, the plan would be gradually phased in.

Two State Bar task forces chaired by former State Bar President Jon B. Streeter spent 28 months developing the proposals and the implementation plan, holding a series of public meetings and getting input from interested parties.