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Letters to the Editor

Misleading fee statement

Elliot Smith takes issue (January Letters) with the fee statement misleading people into believing they owe more for their state bar dues than they actually do. I agree completely with him but would also add that the lead story in this month’s eJournal also is appalling. The statement that active lawyers must pay $410 in bar dues is simply false. The amount that MUST be paid is $390. Again, this is an apparent attempt by the bar to make people think that non-required payments are actually required.

If a practicing attorney prepared a fee statement like this or sent out a statement to clients with such inaccurate information they could easily find themselves in ethical trouble. The fee statement should be changed and the story information corrected.

Bilenda Harris-Ritter
Maumelle, Arkansas

Where does the money go?

If this is the breakdown of our yearly fee -- $410 which includes $315 as the annual fee, $40 for the Client Security Fund, $25 for disciplinary activities, $10 for the Lawyer Assistance Program, $10 for a building fund and $10 for technology upgrades. What is done with the $315?

Adolph L. Visconti

• Editor’s note: 79 percent of the general fund underwrites the discipline office and the remainder funds activities such as legal services, media and information services, member records and professional competence.


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