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ADA Claim

Verdict: Defense

A hearing-impaired instructional aide alleged discrimination, retaliation, and constructive discharge by her employer for not providing her with an ASL certified interpreter; unanimous special verdict for the defendant, a not-for-profit disability organization (U.S. E.E.O.C. v. Placer ARC, Eastern District Federal Court, defense attorneys:  Robert L. Rediger, Candice K. Rediger).

Lab Report Not Faxed

Verdict: $1,795,751

Medical facility's pathology lab failed to fax a report to treating surgeons resulting in infection relapse (Auble v. Chapman Medical Center, Orange County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  John S. Hinman, Andrew T. Ryan).


Settlement: $1,600,000

Emergency room patient had three sepsis triggers plus defendants failed to note that he had no spleen; defendant did not treat him for sepsis which led to permanent bilateral blindness (Confidential v. Confidential, Sacramento County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Moseley C. Collins, III, Thomas Minder).

Race Discrimination Claim

Verdict: Defense

A unanimous jury rejected plaintiff firefighter's claims that co-workers and supervisors harassed him because of his race; the jury also rejected plaintiff's claim that he received corrective discipline in retaliation for having complained of the alleged conduct (Curtis v. City of Oakland, Northern District Federal Court, defense attorneys:  Madelyn G. Jordan-Davis, C. Christine Maloney).


Verdict: $6,951,265

Former railroad worker allegedly died from asbestos-caused mesothelioma (Emerson v. Union Pacific Railroad Company, Alameda County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Joseph D. Satterley, Ryan Harris, Denise Abrams).

Bad Faith Claim

Verdict: Defense

Insurer successfully defended bad faith claims involving rear-end motor vehicle accident (Woods v. Mid-Century Insurance Company, Napa County Superior Court, defense attorney:  John R. Brydon).

Age/Gender Discrimination

Verdict: $4,750,000

Female plaintiff, 61, allegedly terminated due to age, gender and opposition to age, gender discrimination (Anderton v. Bass Underwriters Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Mark P. Velez, Kelsey A. Webber).

Foot Drop

Verdict: Defense

Jury found in favor of defendant spine surgeon on claims that plaintiff's back surgery caused an ongoing right foot drop, various orthopedic injuries sustained due to falls caused by her right foot drop, and complex regional pain syndrome in her lower right leg (Amoroso v. Pradhan, Los Angeles County Superior Court, defense attorney:  Raymond R. Moore).

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Settlement: $665,000

Patient reportedly suffered disabling pain and limbal stem deficiency following a cosmetic eye procedure to remove brown spots from her eyes (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Carl A. McMahan, John W. Shaller).

Wet Roadway

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiff claimed over $6 million in damages and that  defendant State of California DOT failed to warn of water on SR 127 which allegedly caused her to lose control and overturn multiple times (Dade v. State of California, San Bernardino County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  Ruth W. Yeager, Yuan Chang).


Brain Damage

Verdict: $9,189,791

Defendant admitted liability for a motor vehicle accident, but disputed the extent of adult female plaintiff's brain damage and her minor son plaintiff's post-traumatic stress syndrome (Hogland v. Town & Country Grocer of Fredericktown, Missouri, Inc., Arkansas – U.S.D.C.,E.D.Ark., plaintiff attorneys:  Roger A. Dreyer, Brett A. McDaniel).

Eminent Domain

Verdict: $1,200,000

A jury determined that defendant shopping center owner was entitled to $1.2 million as just compensation for the permanent taking of 40 parking spaces. temporary loss of 50 parking spaces, plus loss of driveway access (North Carolina Dep't of Transp. v. Carmine L.L.C., North Carolina – New Hanover County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  George B. Autry Jr., Stephanie H. Autry).

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