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Public Comment

Computer access and confidentiality

Proposed Formal Opinion Interim No. 08-0002 considers whether an attorney violates the duties of confidentiality and competence he or she owes to a client by: 1) using a computer to which the organization employing the attorney and its supervisors have access; 2) using computer software to which the software developer has access; or 3) using a public or home wireless connection.

Special admissions

Proposed organizational and stylistic amendments to State Bar rules on practical training of law students, out-of-state arbitration attorneys, foreign legal consultants, registered legal service attorneys and registered in-house counsel.

Law Corporations

Proposed rules revisions reflecting current practice and enhanced operational efficiency, plus one proposed substantive change that makes reinstated members who had been disbarred eligible to repurchase law corporation shares.

Limited liability partnership rules

Proposed rules revisions that reflect current practice and enhance operational efficiency.