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MCLE Self-Assessment Test

California Bar Journal goes digital March 1

Beginning March 1, the State Bar newspaper will cease publication in paper format and be replaced by an electronic version. Bar members will receive a California Bar Journal e-mail the first of each month providing links to the latest State Bar news.

In addition, the monthly MCLE test will become interactive, making it easier for lawyers to take the test and enabling the bar to process payments and issue MCLE certificates online.

The changes are part of the State Bar’s effort to streamline communications with members, save money and run a more environmentally friendly operation.

Launched in 1994, the Bar Journal has, like other newspapers, watched its revenue slump as advertising dollars have shrunk in recent years. It costs between $35,000 and $50,000 a month to print the paper and another $75,000 to mail it, third-class. The switch to a digital paper is expected to save as much as $1.5 million annually. MCLE revenue typically ranges around $300,000 a year, and bar officials hope the interactive test will match that mark.

The digital newspaper will launch a month after implementation of rule 9.7 of the California Rules of Court, which requires all members of the State Bar to provide an e-mail address by Feb. 1 as part of the information on file with the bar. Private e-mails will be recorded in the bar’s database and used to e-mail the CBe-J.

As of the end of December, some 34,000 members still did not have an e-mail address on file.

The CBe-J will offer the same features as the current paper, including news and feature stories, a complete listing of disciplined lawyers, Trials Digest, a marketplace section, opinion and letters to the editor. The paper will continue to provide State Bar members with timely information about the bar as well as updates on trends in the practice of law, ethics opinions and changing legislation, both state and federal.

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