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State auditor to conduct review of State Bar

The State Bar is working with the California State Auditor on an independent examination of the bar to ensure its members and the public that there is oversight and accountability.

The California State Auditor is scheduled to conduct its every-other-year assessment of the bar in early 2015, although the scope has not yet been determined.

Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville, last month requested an operational and financial audit of the bar.

In response, bar officials reached out to the auditor to suggest possible areas of review, including the reporting of its backlog of disciplinary complaints and the reimbursement of expenses to its executive director.

“Having the guidance of independent auditors will help us with our oversight duties and ensure good governance,” State Bar President Craig Holden said.

In recent years, the audit has focused on the discipline system, the Lawyer Assistance Program and the bar’s contracting procedures.