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Letters to the Editor

Cheap isn’t always best

The State Bar discipline system is currently a disaster. I have seen the State Bar ignore attorneys who are causing harm to the public, stealing money, violating rules of ethics, etc. The system targets solos and leaves big firms and the attorneys who work for them alone. 

The current bar governors allow We the People, Legal Zoom and the like to take money from people who do not understand the law. The bar justifies allowing these services by saying the middle class needs cheap legal service. It is not cheap when you lose your house because someone gets a deed prepared for $300 and then has you sign away title to your home when you cannot understand what you signed.

Martha Jo Patterson
Woodland Hills

Kudos for Foltz and Babcock

As an ex-Alameda County public defender, I found the California Bar Journal article on Clara Shortridge Foltz (June) and Barbara Babcock’s recent biography of her a quick and simply fascinating read. 

Clearly, she was a pioneer on many fronts and in it seems that in the book, Prof. Babcock has humanized her by including details of her life away from the law. As most lawyers can attest, there exists an ongoing challenge in balancing the demands of the profession of law with the rest of one’s existence. 

Congratulations on the finished product. May it sell well and forever.

Roland Walker
Palm Springs


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