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How can the State Bar insurance committee help my practice?

By Robert K. Scott

Did you know that a group of experts in insurance law, appointed by the State Bar Board of Governors, selects and monitors insurance products to benefit bar members? And that current insurance products include life, disability and long-term care, workers’ compensation, auto and homeowners’ coverage and a business office package?

The Committee on Group Insurance Programs (COGIP), comprised of 15 attorneys, advises the board on the insurance needs of the membership and meets with brokers and insurance company representatives four times a year to monitor program performance and to select insurance products to benefit solo practitioners, small firms, their staff and families. The committee’s goal is to provide cheaper and better coverage than is available to the public. The products and links to the approved brokers can be found at

COGIP has made every effort to keep premiums below market rates. Its expertise and the excellent performance of these products helps continue to keep rates competitive. Additionally, premiums on products offered through the State Bar-sponsored insurance programs are usually lower because insurance companies have concluded that attorneys, their staff and families are a better risk than the general public. The bar also receives an administrative fee from our brokers and carriers that is used exclusively to help offset the cost of bar services, such as a designated Member Call Center (1-888-800-3400) that assists attorneys in their insurance needs and provides support to the membership.

The products include:

  1. Comprehensive State Bar of California Office Package Insurance Program tailored to solo and small firm needs.
  2. Workers’ Compensation Program offers coverage with a 10 percent group discount from rates available outside the program.
  3. Life Insurance Program includes 10-year and 20-year level term plans that are extremely competitive with equivalent offerings.
  4. Disability products that serve to insure “your occupation” and Long-Term Care providing comprehensive extended care coverage.
  5. Auto and homeowners’ insurance that is available at 15 percent lower rates than offered to the public.

COGIP reviews the underwriting, sales and claims experience associated with these products with a goal of ensuring high-quality products and service for our members, their staff and families. It is an insurance product lineup tailored for the State Bar membership. Please check out the offerings and provide us with your feedback.

• Robert K. Scott is a member of the State Bar Committee on Group Insurance Programs.