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Trials Digest
Trials Digest Chart


Title Insurance

Verdict: $25,000,000

Defendant claimed denial of access to the San Joaquin River was not a covered loss; plaintiff alleged riverfront access was central to a planned community development (Rio Mesa Holdings L.L.C. v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Fresno County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  John G. Michael, James A. Ardaiz, Peter G. Fashing).

Bike Fatality

Settlement: $3,600,000

Vehicle fatally struck bicyclist lying in roadway following an earlier accident; defendant was found 30 percent at fault (Estate of Jose Martinez Sanchez v. Ahlem, Santa Cruz County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Robert T. Simon, Thomas J. Conroy, Benjamin D. Swanson).

Fistula Surgeries

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiff alleged that defendant surgeon failed to properly perform vesico-vaginal fistula procedures,  adequately explain the risks or refer patient to a specialist (Jefferson v. Kim, San Bernardino County Superior Court, defense attorney:  Terrence J. Schafer).

Common Carrier

Settlement: $700,000

Tourist suffered arm and back injuries when bus driver slammed on brakes causing plaintiff to catapult from the back row down the center aisle (Uren v. CUSA FL L.L.C., San Francisco County Superior Court, plaintiff attorney:  Brian J. Malloy).

Foot Drop

Verdict: Defense

Defendant Panchal contended he complied with the standard of care in his reading and interpretation of the subject CT scan even though he did not appreciate a small pseudoaneurysm on the right internal iliac artery (Scott v. Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  Daniel Scott Belsky, Carolyn B. McCormick).

Digoxin Toxicity

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiffs alleged defendant deviated from the standard of care in prescribing Digoxin in the setting of an abnormally low potassium level, leading to Digoxin toxicity and decedent's cardiac arrest, brain damage and death (Trump v. El-Bialy, Los Angeles County Superior Court, defense attorneys:  David J. Weiss, Sigalit V. Noureal).

Epidural Hematoma

Settlement: $750,000

Teen boy suffered head injury requiring a craniotomy after landing on his head in sumo wrestling match at a Halloween church event (W.P. v. Carnival Services, Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Jae Y. Lee, Daniel E. Hoffman).

Injuries Disputed

Verdict: Defense

Driver alleged numerous injuries following rear-end freeway accident with $1.5 million medical expenses claimed and $4.2 million loss of earnings claimed; defendant contended the impact was minimal (Azizian v. Power Engineers Inc., Orange County Superior Court, defense attorney:  Terry A. Rowland).

Herniated Discs

Verdict: $5,173,120

Plaintiff alleged that he suffered herniated discs and disc protrusions requiring two procedures; defendants disputed injuries and damages (Kostanian v. Zavala, Los Angeles County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Gary A. Dordick, Humberto Guizar).


Nerve Damage

Verdict: Defense

Plaintiff allegedly suffered a permanent injury to her posterior interosseus nerve during an open reduction internal fixation on her fractured elbow performed by defendant (Centonze v. Cook, Florida – Pasco County Circuit Court, defense attorneys:  Richard B. Mangan Jr., Bryan R. Snyder).

Positional Asphyxia

Verdict: $8,000,000

Decedent's daughters alleged that their father was a model prisoner but when he suffered a hypoglycemic event, guards placed him in a prone position causing positional asphyxia and death (Stahl v. State of Washington, Department of Corrections, Washington – Spokane County Superior Court, plaintiff attorneys:  Nathan P. Roberts, Anna L. Price).