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Taking client funds may lead to an online warning

misappropriationThe State Bar’s chief prosecutor has proposed placing a consumer alert on an attorney’s online profile page if he or she is charged with major misappropriation — taking more than $25,000 from one or more clients. The board of governors will consider seeking input on the proposal.

Harsh words for court case management system

The State Auditor says the court case management system (CCMS) has been plagued by mismanagement and put its price tag at $1.9 billion.

How to reconfigure the board of governors

A task force will address three proposals to change how the State Bar is governed.

scamBeware of online scams

The State Bar’s ethics committee issues an alert warning lawyers to be careful of seemingly legitimate online solicitations from prospective clients.

Judith SoleyFresno lawyers mourn the violent death of one of their own

Divorce attorney Judith Soley and a client were shot by the client’s estranged husband during a break in court proceedings.

 Could it happen here?

The shocking story of judicial corruption in Pennsylvania should make Californians wonder if the same thing could happen here.