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Trials Digest

 Trials Digest Chart




Verdict: $37,845,883

A married couple involved in a big-rig collision while visiting relatives in the U.S. suffered major injuries, including paralysis, which still requires 24-hour attendant care (Sheth v. Schneider National Carriers Inc., Riverside County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Brian J. Panish).

Breach of Contract

Verdict: $10,455,663

A woman claimed unreasonable delay, refusal to pay, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing and breach of contract when her insurer failed to compensate her following a car accident (Carpenter v. Allstate Insurance Company, Central District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorney:  James L. Crandall).

Scooter Accident

Settlement: $5,000,000

A woman claimed premises liability when she fell off her scooter after hitting abandoned railroad tracks that should have been removed by the defendant (Menard v. Alameda Bridgeside Shopping Center, Alameda County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Christopher Dolan).

Scalding Burns

Arbitration: $5,452,939

A woman who suffered burns to her body, including disfiguring and residual scars, claimed products liability after she was supplied the wrong fryer baskets after her food truck was hit by a semi-truck (Gomez v. Carillo, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Gary A. Dordick).

Meniscus Tears

Settlement: $1,000,000

An oil platform worker sustained meniscus tears in both knees following an injury caused during an attempt to transfer to the oil platform from the crew boat (Funk v. Confidential, Santa Barbara County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Tom Stolpman).

Bus Accident

Settlement: $3,250,000

The family of a woman who died while walking in the crosswalk with a green light claimed negligence when a bus failed to yield and ultimately struck her (Krishnan v. San Mateo County Transit District, San Mateo County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Mary E. Alexander).

Wrongful Death

Verdict: $1,136,648

A woman who had heart surgery died from cardiogenic shock, cardiac tamponade and other symptoms as a result of an unmonitored administration of medication (Estate of Woo v. Stanford Hospital and Clinics, San Francisco County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Christopher B. Dolan). 

Improper Assessment

Settlement: $3,900,000

An infant suffered mixed cerebral palsy, hearing loss, developmental delay, and seizure disorder after he was discharged from the hospital shortly after his birth without proper assessment (Raczka v. Loma Linda University Health Care, San Bernardino County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Richard A. Cohn).

Brain Injury

Verdict: Defense

A woman claiming vehicle negligence following a car accident hit her head on the steering wheel, which allegedly resulted in a traumatic brain injury (Hinman v. Chang, Orange County Superior Court, Defense Attorney: Christopher P. Wesierski).

Elder Abuse

Verdict: Defense

The family of an 85-year-old who choked on steak served at her senior living community and suffered a rupture to her esophageal wall and ultimately died alleged medical abuse, negligence and wrongful death (Hansen v. Eskaton Properties Inc., Contra Costa County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Donna W. Low).

Fractured Leg

Settlement: $550,000

A man working to repave a parking lot alleged negligence when he suffered multiple leg fractures, including meniscus tears, after he was struck down and run over by a high reach lift (Flanagan v. City Constructors Inc.,  Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Wayne McClean).

Golf Cart Injuries

Settlement: $300,000

A passenger of a golf cart claimed negligence after she suffered a hemorrhage, hematoma, concussion and other injuries when she was reportedly thrown from the vehicle after the driver made an accelerated U-turn (Cooper v. Westin Mission Hills Resort, Riverside County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Michael A. Penn).

Positional Asphyxiation

Verdict: $10,000,000

A 3-year-old child with special needs died during a school bus ride as a result of positional asphyxiation when the bus driver allegedly improperly strapped the child’s wheelchair and left him unsupervised and unmonitored (Cisler v. Capistrano Unified School District, Orange County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Brian J. Panish).

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