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Toni Rembe remembers when…

Toni Rembe

In 1971, Toni Rembe became one of the first women to be named a partner at a major law firm in California. In recognition of Women’s History Month, Rembe recounts her early days at Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro and shares some advice for women in the legal profession today.

Ethics rules revision commission to begin work

Justice Lee Edmon, presiding justice of the 2nd District Court of Appeal, will chair a 19-member commission to revise California’s ethical rules for attorneys.

Graphic: Growth in bar admissions

An interactive graphic shows a breakdown of the number of lawyers admitted between 1946 and 2015.

Bar hosts immigration fraud summit

The State Bar hosted a day-long summit last month to allow members of law enforcement, nonprofit groups and regulatory agencies share ideas for preventing consumers from falling victim to immigration fraud.

Former Yolo County judge candidate disciplined

In a case of first impression, the State Bar Court disciplined a lawyer for making a false claim of bribery and fraud against a sitting judge during a 2012 election.

Take a poll on women and the legal profession

What is the current climate for women in the legal profession? Take our poll.