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attorneys and achohol graphicAlcohol abuse plagues one in three attorneys, study says

A new study shows that attorneys top other professions when it comes to the share of problem drinkers in their ranks, according to a study released in the Journal of Addiction Medicine. One in four attorneys also reported depression, stress and anxiety.

New State Bar budget cut back by 6.2 percent

The State Bar plans to spend less in 2016 than it did last year. Major cuts will come in travel, catering, temporary help expenses and leaving 21 open positions unfilled.

Task Force considers restructuring the State Bar

In the first of five meetings, the bar’s Task Force on Governance in the Public Interest heard from six experts as well as members of its voluntary sections about the pros and cons of various organizational models.

Scammers target attorneys with fake checks

If you’ve gotten a generous offer of payment that seems too good to be true – it probably is. A continuing scheme involves overpaying lawyers by hundreds of thousands of dollars. The scammers send a fake check, then ask for most of it back.