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Legal aid at risk of federal budget cuts

Salena Copeland

Salena Copeland of the Legal Aid Association of California and other advocates are worried about the fate of $77 million in federal funds that flow to California groups that provide services to low-income residents, promote equal access to justice, boost senior citizen protections, advance disability rights and aid similar causes.

March 1 was the State Bar fee payment deadline

Did you miss the March 1 deadline for paying your annual fees to the State Bar? If so, here’s what you need to know about paying late penalties and avoiding an administrative license suspension.

State Bar targets prosecutor misconduct

The reversal of a death penalty conviction from more than 30 years ago resulted in disciplinary charges against a former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney who went on to serve as Los Angeles City Attorney.

Bakersfield attorney implicated in six-figure fraud

A Bakersfield attorney has been charged with taking nearly $1 million from a client and then falsely telling a State Bar investigator she had paid back the money.

Loan scheme and cover-up results in disbarment of Pasadena attorney

A Southern California attorney who concocted a scheme to get loans based on phony settlements and proved relentless in his efforts to cover up his wrongdoing has been stripped of his law license.