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Letters to the Editor

Questions about dues

Both active and inactive members of the State Bar have, for many years, been exempt from any bar dues for economic and health reasons. If you have taken this hope away from those members then the term “reduction” appears to be deceptive and over-reaching. Do the past exemptions no longer apply? If not then I see nothing that is “thoughtful” or “practical” in such compassionless over-reaching.

John Mortimer
San Francisco

Put new lawyers to work

It is time to question law schools on acceptance rates. With the knowledge that graduates are drowning in debt and unemployed, should law schools continue to accept increasing numbers of students? Allowing this type of practice to continue allows the creation of thousands of unemployable graduates.  

Many are finding themselves pushed into going out on their own so they can use the skills they worked hard to obtain to support themselves and their families. While it could be risky there is also a positive side to this trend. Graduates opening their doors to clients, offering lower rates and providing fantastic service could be a great upward thrust for the economy.

I think it is time for the older generation of seasoned attorneys to step forward and take part in helping the new generation of attorneys be great lawyers and provide excellent service. I propose that if you are an experienced attorney in an area of law, offer to help mentor a friend, or a friend’s child or a friend’s sister who has graduated law school and is looking for work. Help another attorney build a foundation for a real future in law and don’t allow our bright educated youth to go into a downward spiral of document review.

Law schools, the ABA and the legal community need to sit down and discuss ways to get young attorneys back to work. Let us help our economy by putting our younger generations that have worked hard to gain a higher education to work.

Kassia Fialkoff
Bala Cynwyd, Penn.


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