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Verdict: $1,049,393,540

Apple Inc. alleged federal trademark infringement, unfair business practices, violations of its various patents and other claims, against Samsung Electronics when it released a product virtually identical to its own (Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics co., Northern District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorneys: Morrison Foerster).

Brain Damage

Verdict: $38,628,127

A man who fell over a second story walkway into a parking lot and claimed the walkway railing was too short sustained brain damage and injury to his shins and feet (Von Normann v. Newport Channel Inn, Orange County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: John C. Carpenter).

Retaliating Attorney

Verdict: $50,073,000

A client claimed that his former attorney began working for his adversary by filing bankruptcy cases against him after a falling out, resulting in the failure of his business operations (Tutor v. Tregub, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Lucia E. Coyoca).

Forklift Accident

Verdict: Defense

A man claimed that an operator was negligent when operating a forklift load, causing it to be unstable and then eventually fall on top of him, resulting in back, neck, shoulder, leg, hip, and wrist pain (Moon v. Blue Tee Corp., San Bernardino County Superior Court, Defense Attorney: Steven B. Kotulak).

Ammonia Release

Settlement: $685,446

A meat processing manufacturer’s facilities experienced massive releases of ammonia due to management’s failure to conduct a safety review, causing injury to 17 employees at neighboring offices (United States of America v. Columbus Manufacturing Inc., Northern District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Cheryl L. Smout).

Transferring Assets

Settlement: $6,200,000

A company allegedly attempted to avoid judgment by transferring its primary assets, which would have resulted in its inability to pay the judgment of a previous bankruptcy suit (Hyosung (America) Inc. v. Hantle USA Inc., Northern District Federal Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Adam A. Lewis).

Excessive Force

Verdict: Defense

An inmate at a county jail claimed he was denied medical care after deputies allegedly violently threw him against a cement wall and proceeded to kick and stomp him (Saunders v. County of Los Angeles, Central District Federal Court, Defense attorney: Maureen F. Thomas and Michael Thomas).

Overtime Violations

Settlement: $7,000,000

A class of school bus drivers alleged that their employer refused to pay them for all hours worked, including overtime, which they were required to work, arguing unpaid wages and failure to pay overtime compensation (Mckinlay v. Durham D&M LLC, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Thomas W. Falvey).

Prescriptive Easement

Decision: $857,000

A couple sought quiet title to its property and claimed trespass, conversion, nuisance and negligence when a quarry operator allegedly damaged their property (Epstein v. Mosler, Ventura County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Ron Bamieh).

Rollover Crash

Decision: $7,958,008

A man who had his tire replaced claimed that the tire tread separated and caused his truck to roll over, alleged strict negligence and strict liability by placing a defective tire into the steam of commerce (Olguin v. Michelin North America Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: Daniel M. O’Leary).

Racial Discrimination

Verdict: Defense

A doctoral student claimed racial discrimination against her university when she was not promoted into the school’s residency program (Sunday v. Regents of the University of California, Orange County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Christopher P. Wesierski).

Trustee Breaches Duty

Decision: $2,720,300

A trustee allegedly breaches her fiduciary duty by engaging in self-dealing by the wrongful transfer of trust property for her own profit (In re Winchester, Orange County Superior Court, Plaintiff’s attorney: David A. Sherak).

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