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Public Comment

MCLE Standards

The proposed rule amendment clarifies and eliminates ambiguity as to what constitutes permissible and credit-worthy MCLE. Additionally, the change also expands the scope of acceptable MCLE to programs and activities that relate directly to the management and operation of a member’s law office and to mediation training.

Accredited Law School Rules and Guidelines

Proposed Rule 4.160(M) and the two new guidelines will, for the first time, require that California-accredited law schools (CALS) maintain a specified minimum, cumulative bar examination pass rate (CBEPR).

Third Party Payors

Proposed Formal Opinion Interim No. 11-0001 considers: Who is entitled to the refund of remaining advance fees at the end of a case where fees were paid by non-client?

Deceitful Conduct

Proposed Formal Opinion Interim No. 11-0002 considers: Has an attorney engaged in deceitful conduct by not alerting opposing counsel of: (A) an apparent material error made by opposing counsel in contract language; or (B) a material change made by the attorney in contract language?