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Public Comment

Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform report

The State Bar Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform recommends new training requirements for admission to practice law to ensure competency.

Legal specialization

The California Board of Legal Specialization proposes various changes to its rules to improve the logical flow and reduce the size of the board from 26 to 15 members.

MCLE rules

The Member Oversight Committee recommends various changes to the rules for Minimum Continuing Legal Education, including increasing the number of required hours to 36 and adding a law practice management option as part of the legal ethics requirement.

Disclosure of confidences

Proposed Formal Opinion Interim No. 12-0001 considers: What information may an attorney ethically disclose to the court to explain her need to withdraw from representation – particularly in the face of an order to submit to the court, in camera or otherwise, the substance of the attorney-client communications leading to the need to withdraw.

Consumer alert

The Office of the Chief Trial Counsel recommends modifying the existing policy of posting online consumer alerts to include cases where the State Bar seeks to assume jurisdiction of an attorney’s law practice and not limit the policy to loan modification misconduct.

Standards for attorney sanctions

This proposal involves stylistic revisions to the standards governing attorney sanctions, including rewriting them in plain English, reorganizing them for better flow and comprehension and modifications to reflect current case law and statutes.