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Luminary Award - California Bar Journal

Road to Resolution graphicInteractive Guide: Road to resolution

The State Bar’s complaint system can be labyrinth for those who don’t understand its complex disciplinary process. What happens to an attorney complaint after a consumer lodges one? Find out how complaints are handled with our interactive guide and learn more about proposed changes to the bar’s disciplinary rules.

Q&A: Craig Holden talks about passions and goals as president

In his first months heading the State Bar Board of Trustees, Craig Holden has already weathered a major change in the bar’s top management. The board president discusses plans to recruit a new executive director and maintain stability during the transition, as well as his goal of fostering a mentorship program for lawyers in the new year.

July 2014 bar exam pass rate falls to near low record

bar exam results graphicAfter being on the upswing, the pass rate for the July bar exam tumbled to its near-lowest point in more than a decade. In July, 48.6 percent of those who took the test passed – a 7-point drop from July 2013. In July 2004, the rate was a 48.2 percent. The pass rate for the July exam had been steadily rising since 2011.

December brings delivery of annual fee bills

It’s that time of year. Not just for the holidays, but for the arrival of the bills for the 2015 State Bar annual membership fees. Fee bills drop in the mail Dec. 1, and members have until Feb. 2 to pay.

State Bar trustees adopt new competency skills training plan

After more than two years in the making, a plan to introduce new training requirements aimed at ensuring competency and professionalism among new lawyers won approval from the bar’s Board of Trustees. Next stop: the California Supreme Court and Legislature.

Governor selects Department of Justice lawyer for CA Supreme Court

Gov. Jerry Brown has chosen Leondra Kruger, a deputy assistant attorney general at the U.S. Department of Justice, to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Joyce L. Kennard. If confirmed, Kruger, an African-American, would become one of the youngest on the state’s high court.

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