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Letters to the Editor

Here’s one solution for low bar exam scores

If you want to improve the pass rate on the bar exam, close down the unaccredited law schools and end the so-called “Lincoln” rule allowing law office study. A better-educated bar will likely obviate the proposed “competency” training rule. Why should any bar admittee or practicing lawyer be “incompetent”? Incompetents should be screened out before they ever get a license.

Patrick Sullivan

Complying with MCLE is easier than representing clients

Why does the State Bar keep screwing around with lawyers who either fail to take the required MCLE, or worse, who falsely certify that they have taken it? This is not rocket science!

How can any attorney who is unable to comply with the relatively simple MCLE reporting requirements be expected to understand complex case-related fact patterns or otherwise competently represent clients by complying with the substantially more complex procedural and substantive legal requirements associated with most lawsuits?

Michael W. Szkaradek
Santa Ana


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