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California’s women lawyers: 134 years and counting

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday,” Pearl S. Buck once wrote. For this reason, each March as Women’s History Month reminds us of those who have made significant gains in the past, and is an appropriate time to reflect upon the history of women in the legal profession.

"There’s a TV news crew in the lobby asking for a partner …"
By Diane Karpman

Diane KarpmanSpinning is not just an exercise using a stationary bike, but also a term used to describe the manipulation of news media by lawyers and others in high-profile cases. Some authorities have suggested that if the prosecution is indicting your client (not just technically but also by verbal abuse) that it’s almost malpractice not to mitigate the toxic environment created by adverse publicity.

To Summarily Adjudicate or Not Adjudicate:
The Recent Amendments to Section 437c

California’s statutory summary judgment and adjudication provisions are found in Code of Civil Procedure section 437c. The statute was amended by the State Legislature effective January 1, 2012. The changes are significant.

Better Predictors of Effective Lawyering

Marjorie Shultz
Sheldon Zedeck

By a show of hands, how many employers would like a reliable crystal ball when selecting new associates for their firms, to help determine how likely the candidates are to be effective lawyers? Wow … that’s a lot of hands. Recent research conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, offers methods to appraise a wide range of individual competencies related to lawyering.

200 Years of American Patent Law Tradition – Gone!

After several years of legislative rollercoaster in Congress, which had to find a common denominator among the fiercely defended interests of different interest groups, the Patent Reform initiated during the previous administration, for better or worse, is here.

Happenings March 2012

The San Fernando Valley Bar Association sponsored a Giving Tree during the 2011 holiday season to benefit the families of Haven Hills, a Canoga Park non-profit providing shelter and services for victims of domestic violence. The tremendous generosity of SFVBA members, staff and member benefit providers brought a little holiday cheer to 39 families.